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About Us

Woodlands North provides Natural Resource Management and Restoration Services throughout western Canada.We employ professional foresters, biologists, technicians, and geomatics specialists; our combined expertise results in innovative solutions for clients.

At a Glance

Resources Inventory

Specialize in design, implementation and management of inventory program.


Full cycle ecological restoration for linear features and watercourse crossings.

Web & Mobile Applications

We build modern iOS and Android applications with modern and intuitive web dashboards.

Geomatics & Modeling

Advanced remote sensing, LiDAR processing, GIS and decision supports.

Specialized Training & Education

Up-to-date training for industry, provincial agencies, colleges and universities.

Forestry Services

Inventory, silviculture, restoration, and ecological monitoring.

Consulting Services

Resource Inventory

Inventory is the foundation of any Resource Management Program. Woodlands North specializes in the design, implementation and management of Inventory Programs which include: timber and vegetation, winter tracking, amphibian surveys, fishery inventories, and even bioaccoustical monitoring. Data collection using mobile apps and web-based remote submissions results in instant data transfer between the field collector and quality controller – no extra layers of data handling.


Woodlands North completes Ecological Restoration Programs for sites denuded by industrial process. Projects include linear restoration of historical seismic developments and watercourse crossings needing repair, replacement or complete reclamation. The Woodlands team is experienced in the full cycle process of ecological restoration, from initial reconnaissance and planning to construction management and implementation.

Application Development & Data Management

Custom designed mobile applications - created for Woodlands North internal projects and created for client specific needs. Collection, submission, upload, and support are streamlined to provide highest quality outputs.

Geomatics & Modeling

Woodlands utilizes up to date software to support our internal project work as well as geospatial modeling and analysis for clients.

Specialized Training & Education

Provide Field and Classroom Training – Best Management Practices

Colleges & Universities – support existing curriculum, prepare students for work opportunities Provincial Agencies – provide collaborative expertise in development of restoration initiatives Industry – provide up-to-date training, information, and Best Management Practices for employees, supporting provincial-wide initiatives.

Forestry Services

Woodlands North has been assisting the forest industry, the Government of Alberta, private land-owners, and academia with Forest Management in Alberta for over twenty years. The majority of our work is focused on inventory and silviculture as well as related ecological based work. Woodlands also manages numerous small reforestation programs that are tied to Linear Restoration work or wellsite, road, and watercourse crossing restoration programs.

Resources Inventory
Web & Mobile Applications
Geomatics & Modeling
Specialized Training & Education
Forestry Services

Natural Resource Management Services Completed:

Forest mensuration
Permanent and Temporary Sample Plots
Timber cruising and compilation
Silviculture surveys
Operational road and block layout
Timber reconnaissance and valuation
Watercourse crossing prescription
Hydrological modeling and peak flow calculations
Preharvest silvicultural prescriptions
Wildlife and Ecological walkthroughs
Vegetation management programs
Planting supervision and reporting
Watercourse crossing restoration
Ecological consultation
RPAS imagery capture and interpretation

Winter wildlife tracking
Wildlife sweeps
Wetlands inventory
Songbird surveys
Nest sweeps
Remote wildlife cameras
Drone and RPAS surveys
Amphibian surveys
Hibernaculum surveys
Environmental Site Assessment
Landscape level habitat modeling
Stream and watershed modeling
Riparian and stream assessments
Habitat inventory
Passive and active sample methods

Watercourse crossing inventory
Roadway inventory management Systems
Complete forest mensuration expertise
Timber cruise and quality assessment
Customized inventory mobile applications
LiDAR based volume modeling
Vegetation and soils inventory
Ecological Land Classification
Songbird and other species surveys
Rare plant inventories
Nest Sweeps and wildlife sweeps
Fishery census and stream habitat inventory
Passive and active wildlife inventories
Field validation of restoration modeling

Ecological restoration modeling and plan development
Watershed based roadway crossing restoration modeling
Collaborative restoration planning and management
Operational stream reach and habitat reconstruction
Roadway watercourse crossing assessment and training
Watercourse crossing restoration prescription and planning
Watercourse crossing management and oversight
Riparian area restoration
Roadway and wellsite restoration and reforestation
Seismic restoration modeling and planning
Operational linear restoration implementation
Legacy seismic restoration programs
Complete regulatory and permitting submissions
Area based closure ecological prioritization modeling

Android, iOS, Browser-Based mobile applications
Customized application development for intuitive field-based use
Remote data download and secure webserver upload and storage
Remote inventory applications, offline services
Forest inventory mobile applications
Internal Decision Support Systems (DSS)
Custom designed dashboards for data management and client interface
Nested users dashboard integration for tiered client interface
Audit focused inventory and documentation with backend audit reports
Wildlife and habitat inventory and DSS

Predictive surface water
Habitat Suitability Index
Advanced remote sensing and geospatial analysis
Bridge & crossing inventory
Culvert & crossing location
Q50 & Q100 watercourse flow calculations
Minimum culvert sizing for crossings
TDA modeling and post field cruise validation
RPAS system data capture for volumetric modeling
3D modeling and site/scene fly-throughs
Volumetric modeling of log decks, chip piles, remote yards

Teach industry, colleges, and government agencies
Office and field based ecological training courses to fit your need
Watercourse crossing field assessments
Operational restoration Best Management Practices (BMP’s)
Watercourse Crossing habitat restoration, stream habitat restoration
Linear restoration operational treatment training
Ecological Land Classification


Careers and Information

We accept applications on an ongoing basis, feel free to contact us. Employment with Woodlands North can provide opportunities for professional growth in multi-disciplinary environmental practices.

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